Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources: History

Dr. Ross Porter founded Stillpoint Family Resources in 1998. He created the organization after he and his wife, Jennifer, brought their first child into the world.

John Michael was born with Down syndrome and, as Dr. Ross Porter and his wife described their initial emotions, “nothing would ever be the same again.” Inspired by the initial shock and struggles that he and his wife faced, Dr. Ross Porter founded Stillpoint to provide assistance for families of special needs children seeking an understanding organization that could offer strategic help, education and counseling.

As life with John Michael went on, Dr. Porter’s shock shifted to elation. In the first chapter of “Hidden Graces,” he writes “God has opened a new world to me through John Michael, one that is very much like an elegant tapestry. It is rich in its balance of colors; lights, darks, and many shades in between. It is textured with interwoven threads, and imbedded with a design too complex to make sense of up-close but wonderfully clear with the proper perspective. It is both beautiful and lasting.”

Learn more about Dr. Ross Porter and Stillpoint Family Resources here:  http://www.stillpointfamilyresources.org/

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