Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources: Virtue You

Dr. Ross Porter founded Stillpoint Family Resources in 1998. Today, he continues to serve as the organization’s Executive Director.

When Dr. Ross Porter created Stillpoint Family Resources, it was intended to provide support, education and guidance to families of special needs children. Today, it has expanded to offer guidance and support to all families, couples and individuals in need.

Among the ways that Stillpoint offers assistance is through programs like Virtue You.

Virtue You is a program designed to teach families, couples, individuals and communities how to find true happiness through empowering practices that offer hope and support.

The Stillpoint website states that the organization has identified thirty virtues that help to heal and transform families, couples, individuals and communities when fully understood and practiced regularly. Gratitude, patience, availability, forgiveness, responsibility, remembrance, empathy, play, chastity, foresight and honesty are just a few of those thirty virtues taught through Virtue You.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Ross Porter, Stillpoint Family Resources or the Virtue You program.

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