Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint : About Villa Providencia

Dr. Ross Porter is the Executive Director of Stillpoint Family Resources, which he co-founded with his wife Jennifer, to celebrate the life of their first child, John Michael.
John Michael was born with Down Syndrome and, in his first two years of life, required three open-heart surgeries. His birth was the life-changing even that inspired Dr. Ross Porter and his wife to bring Stillpoint Family Resources to life in 1998. Today, it has helped numerous individuals, couples and families around the world.

As the final piece of Stillpoint, Dr. Porter is now bringing Villa Providencia to the world.
Villa Providencia will bring special needs people and typically-developing people together to live in a stable, unique community of respect and learning. Residents will be nurtured physically, spiritually and emotionally, following values based in the Judeo-Christian tradition but accepting all persons of any, or no, faith.

Residents of Villa Providencia will shop at local markets, attend local places of worship, dine at local restaurants and engage in local entertainment from the heart of a San Fernando Valley residential community. Ideally, Villa Providencia will do more than provide a home for special needs adults – it will create a model that communities throughout the United States can replicate, potentially bringing nurturing support to millions.

Learn more about Dr. Ross Porter, Stillpoint Family Resources and Villa Providencia

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