Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint : Special Needs Home

Dr. Ross Porter founded Stillpoint Family Resources with his wife, Jenni, in 1998. Today, they are working to bring Villa Providencia – a nurturing home and community for special needs adults – to the world. Though Dr. Ross Porter had long known that he wanted to establish an organization to better the world through counseling, Stillpoint Family Resources was brought to life in honor of their son, John Michael.

John Michael was born with Down Syndrome and he forever changed the lives of Dr. Ross Porter and his wife, bringing them closer to God and showing them the beauty of the world. He is the subject of the book entitled “Hidden Graces” and the inspiration for Stillpoint. Thus, he is also the inspiration for Villa Providencia.

Dubbed ‘the home with heart,’ Villa Providencia will be located in the heart of a residential community in San Fernando Valley. There, special needs adults and typically-developing people will live alongside each other, creating a loving environment of respect, nurturance and learning. Residents will shop, worship, dine and live locally, integrated with the society around them.

In a time when services for special needs people are faltering, a movement like Villa Providencia is needed. It could be the answer that spreads across the United States, celebrating and empowering special needs people everywhere.

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