Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : Villa Providencia

Dr. Ross Porter, founder and executive director of Stillpoint Family Resources, Dr Ross Porter Stillpoint dedicated his career to supporting both individuals and families in need. Having begun in the field as a result of his desire to serve the special needs community, his newest project, Villa Providencia, will be a dynamic residential community in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in California where typically developing people live in a stable community with special needs people.

With the desire to create a living environment based on collaboration, nurturing, and healing, residents of Villa Providencia will be empowered to engage in typical daily activities, such as attending sporting events, eating at restaurants, shopping at local markets, worshipping, and more. Though the approach is based in the Judeo-Christian tradition, people of all backgrounds and faiths are more than welcome at Villa Providencia.

While state and government funding for special needs care and assistance have been decreasing in recent years, it’s crucial that we figure out how to fill in the gaps to ensure people with special needs receive the services and support necessary to live happy, meaningful lives.

Dr. Ross Porter was inspired to launch Stillpoint Family Resources because of the blessing of his son, John Michael, who was born with Down syndrome. Offering numerous resources such as psychological counseling, training, and teaching, clients can rest assured that they are in the best hands to begin the process of healing and empowerment. Clients also have workshops, seminars, blogs, and books available to them.

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