Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : Author

Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources is a published author who has written seven books, which have been translated into three languages. Among his books is “Heroes You Should Know: 50 Stories of Goodness.”

Dr. Ross Porter’s “Heroes You Should Know,” which is available for purchase via the Stillpoint Family Resources website, presents stories of inspiring men, women and children. The subjects of the stories are about fifty ordinary people who have done extraordinary things around the world for the good of humanity.

Dr. Porter also writes about ‘Heroes You Should Know’ on the Stillpoint blog, showcasing these outstanding individuals for the world to appreciate. One hero that was featured on his blog is known as “The Syrian Santa,” or Rami Adham.

Rami Adham is a Syrian native who, after emigrating to Finland, watched in horror as the gruesome Syrian Civil War impacted citizens, particularly children. Rather than continue watching, he acted, smuggling toys and supplies over the Syrian border to remind children affected by the war that society has not forgotten them. He also established the Finnish-Syrian Association and raised tens of thousands of dollars to build a school for Syrian refugee children.

In a world of uncertainty and discouragement, stories like those from Dr. Ross Porter’s “Heroes You Should Know” are gentle reminders that humanity still has its shining stars.

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