Dr. Ross Porter : Changing Lives through Stillpoint

Dr. Ross Porter and his wife created Stillpoint Family Resources in 1998 “as an offering of gratitude for the gift of their son John Michael, who is blessed with Down syndrome.” Since then, Stillpoint has changed lives, strengthened families and shaped culture, touching hundreds of people from around the world.

Today, the final piece of the Stillpoint Family Resources mission is coming to life, as envisioned by Dr. Ross Porter and his wife, Jennifer. Villa Providencia, named to reflect the reliance on God’s loving care, is a unique home for special needs adults. It will bring special needs and typically-developing people together in one supportive, nurturing community.
Villa Providencia is the latest of the many efforts that have allowed Stillpoint to change lives. With a commitment to values that transcend time, Stillpoint serves the underserved with sliding scale counseling to remove financial boundaries for those who need help. Through its counseling and education programs, Stillpoint is prepared to address special needs children, medical crises, spiritual issues, mood disorders, addiction issues, abuse and marital discord.

With seven counseling locations in California’s Los Angeles and Orange County areas, Stillpoint works with hundreds of people each week. Though Stillpoint Family Resources counseling and a home like Villa Providencia might sound like more than enough, Dr. Ross Porter Stillpoint vision has also brought workshops, blogs, books, seminars and podcasts to the world.

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