Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : Writing a Book

Dr. Ross Porter, the founder of Stillpoint Family Resources, knows that being able to find literature that empowers us and helps us grow is a big part of becoming the people that we want to be. Having written numerous books dedicated to cultivating and nurturing spirituality, strong families, habits that lead to true happiness and more, he has dedicated himself to helping those in need find peace and healing through his books. For those who are interested in writing a book, take the following into consideration to ensure that you get your message out there:

• If your schedule allows it, create a very specific writing schedule that you can stick to. Even if it’s only one hour each day, create a routine that your body will fall into easily over time simply out of habit and muscle memory.

• Build in ways to stay motivated. Head out for an ice cream after finishing each chapter, or plan a family outing to the beach after hitting your tenth chapter to recognize the hard work that you’ve done. It will also help you get through the dry, difficult moments.

• Have a few people that you trust to check in with every so often to help you edit. It can be a mentor, a spiritual advisor, a parent, or anyone else who you think will keep you and your book on the right track.

Dr. Ross Porter’s books are available at Stillpoint Family Resources and online. They include titles such as Heroes You Should Know: 50 Stories of Goodness, To Kindle a Fire, and Hidden Graces. Dr. Ross Porter Stillpoint  is currently working on The Coming Storm, a novel.

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Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : A Nurturing Space

Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources knows that providing a safe, nurturing space is crucial for those looking for strength and healing. Having launched the non-profit organization in 1998, Dr. Ross Porter was inspired to create a beacon in his community that now provides counseling services and therapy for addiction, mood disorders, special needs children, abuse, spiritual issues, and more. With seven locations throughout greater Los Angeles and Orange County, the passionate teachers, mentors and therapists have a special heart for working with underserved communities, a growing problem in the United States as more and more services and resources are cut for those in need of assistance.

With a priority on outreach, VirtueYOU is a program designed to shape culture and strengthen families. The dedicated professionals at the organization’s various locations offer workshops, blogs, podcasts, workbooks, curriculums, and literature with the goal of empowerment through identifying and creating good, healthy habits. The teachers and mentors at Stillpoint have determined that there are thirty key virtues in this process that are responsible for the healing and transformation process for individuals, partners, families, and even entire communities.

Villa Providencia is the newest extension of the organization’s dream to strengthen and deepen communities. With a focus on empowerment and integration, special needs individuals will live in the same residence with typically-developed people and engage in normal, everyday activities, such as shopping, eating out, attending a variety of events, and more.

Dr. Ross Porter Stillpoint serves as the Director of Faith Formation and Evangelization at St. Mel Parish in addition to his leadership at Stillpoint Family Resources.

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Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : Villa Providencia

Dr. Ross Porter, founder and executive director of Stillpoint Family Resources, Dr Ross Porter Stillpoint dedicated his career to supporting both individuals and families in need. Having begun in the field as a result of his desire to serve the special needs community, his newest project, Villa Providencia, will be a dynamic residential community in the heart of the San Fernando Valley in California where typically developing people live in a stable community with special needs people.

With the desire to create a living environment based on collaboration, nurturing, and healing, residents of Villa Providencia will be empowered to engage in typical daily activities, such as attending sporting events, eating at restaurants, shopping at local markets, worshipping, and more. Though the approach is based in the Judeo-Christian tradition, people of all backgrounds and faiths are more than welcome at Villa Providencia.

While state and government funding for special needs care and assistance have been decreasing in recent years, it’s crucial that we figure out how to fill in the gaps to ensure people with special needs receive the services and support necessary to live happy, meaningful lives.

Dr. Ross Porter was inspired to launch Stillpoint Family Resources because of the blessing of his son, John Michael, who was born with Down syndrome. Offering numerous resources such as psychological counseling, training, and teaching, clients can rest assured that they are in the best hands to begin the process of healing and empowerment. Clients also have workshops, seminars, blogs, and books available to them.

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Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : Methods for Building Empathy

Dr. Ross Porter stillpoint , whose vision of Stillpoint Family Resources began with the desire to support families with special needs children, has ultimately helped numerous people in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas suffering from addiction, spiritual problems, marital discord, and more.

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Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources : Author

Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint Family Resources is a published author who has written seven books, which have been translated into three languages. Among his books is “Heroes You Should Know: 50 Stories of Goodness.”

Dr. Ross Porter’s “Heroes You Should Know,” which is available for purchase via the Stillpoint Family Resources website, presents stories of inspiring men, women and children. The subjects of the stories are about fifty ordinary people who have done extraordinary things around the world for the good of humanity.

Dr. Porter also writes about ‘Heroes You Should Know’ on the Stillpoint blog, showcasing these outstanding individuals for the world to appreciate. One hero that was featured on his blog is known as “The Syrian Santa,” or Rami Adham.

Rami Adham is a Syrian native who, after emigrating to Finland, watched in horror as the gruesome Syrian Civil War impacted citizens, particularly children. Rather than continue watching, he acted, smuggling toys and supplies over the Syrian border to remind children affected by the war that society has not forgotten them. He also established the Finnish-Syrian Association and raised tens of thousands of dollars to build a school for Syrian refugee children.

In a world of uncertainty and discouragement, stories like those from Dr. Ross Porter’s “Heroes You Should Know” are gentle reminders that humanity still has its shining stars.

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Dr. Ross Porter : Changing Lives through Stillpoint

Dr. Ross Porter and his wife created Stillpoint Family Resources in 1998 “as an offering of gratitude for the gift of their son John Michael, who is blessed with Down syndrome.” Since then, Stillpoint has changed lives, strengthened families and shaped culture, touching hundreds of people from around the world.

Today, the final piece of the Stillpoint Family Resources mission is coming to life, as envisioned by Dr. Ross Porter and his wife, Jennifer. Villa Providencia, named to reflect the reliance on God’s loving care, is a unique home for special needs adults. It will bring special needs and typically-developing people together in one supportive, nurturing community.
Villa Providencia is the latest of the many efforts that have allowed Stillpoint to change lives. With a commitment to values that transcend time, Stillpoint serves the underserved with sliding scale counseling to remove financial boundaries for those who need help. Through its counseling and education programs, Stillpoint is prepared to address special needs children, medical crises, spiritual issues, mood disorders, addiction issues, abuse and marital discord.

With seven counseling locations in California’s Los Angeles and Orange County areas, Stillpoint works with hundreds of people each week. Though Stillpoint Family Resources counseling and a home like Villa Providencia might sound like more than enough, Dr. Ross Porter Stillpoint vision has also brought workshops, blogs, books, seminars and podcasts to the world.

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Dr. Ross Porter of Stillpoint : Special Needs Home

Dr. Ross Porter founded Stillpoint Family Resources with his wife, Jenni, in 1998. Today, they are working to bring Villa Providencia – a nurturing home and community for special needs adults – to the world. Though Dr. Ross Porter had long known that he wanted to establish an organization to better the world through counseling, Stillpoint Family Resources was brought to life in honor of their son, John Michael.

John Michael was born with Down Syndrome and he forever changed the lives of Dr. Ross Porter and his wife, bringing them closer to God and showing them the beauty of the world. He is the subject of the book entitled “Hidden Graces” and the inspiration for Stillpoint. Thus, he is also the inspiration for Villa Providencia.

Dubbed ‘the home with heart,’ Villa Providencia will be located in the heart of a residential community in San Fernando Valley. There, special needs adults and typically-developing people will live alongside each other, creating a loving environment of respect, nurturance and learning. Residents will shop, worship, dine and live locally, integrated with the society around them.

In a time when services for special needs people are faltering, a movement like Villa Providencia is needed. It could be the answer that spreads across the United States, celebrating and empowering special needs people everywhere.

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